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My obsession with health started at a young age. I so vividly recall purchasing my first health book (the Health class teacher's manual) at my school's garage sale in the second grade. Little did I know I would go on to pursue a degree in Health Sciences with a Minor in Nutrition from the University of Missouri. My love of learning compelled me to stay and earn a master's degree in Health Education and Health Promotion with a Graduate Certificate in Public Health. During that time I worked as a Graduate Assistant managing our University's Student Wellness Programs and equipping students with skills to help them own their health journey and live a flourishing life.

My professional career has led me down a path activating organizational wellbeing as a Corporate Wellness Consultant developing thriving workplace culture strategies centered around peak performance. I've obtained professional certifications to help me better support organizations in optimizing their human-first people strategy including Thriving Workplace Culture Consultant and Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist. In 2019, I joined a global non-profit- Conscious Capitalism- a movement that exists to elevate humanity through business. Discovering how companies apply the four tenets of Conscious Capitalism has broadened my perspective and allowed me to see firsthand how businesses that combine purpose and profit are generating impact and creating a triple bottom line. The four tenets, which include Higher Purpose, Conscious Leadership, Conscious Culture and Stakeholder Orientation, are the bedrock of a healthy organization and a true prerequisite to any successful workplace wellness initiative. In my coaching and consulting practice I infuse these principles into strategic planning, organizational health assessments, and ongoing conversations with clients.

I love cooking, hiking, and sharing time with loved ones over a cup of coffee or homemade cocktail. My favorite moments in life are those that allow me to use my strengths for the betterment of others. If there is anything I can do to support you on your journey toward total wellbeing let me know. I look forward to connecting! 


Emily Price


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